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We want to be the bridge that connects those who want to contribute and those who live in exclusion. This relationship provides a link between a community and a social project. For this reason, the support of people and businesses is the motor that permits us to sustain our programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than an isolated or occasional conjoining of practices. It is a wide range o policies, practices and programs that integrate into the operations of businesses and crosses into all areas of work at every level.

You really can make a difference and change the lives of children and families through your sponsorship. The money donated by each sponsor assures a better life for child workers who participate in our program.

Your commitment helps us achieve a positive change:

  • Schooling: Tuition, books, uniforms, shoes and supplies, help with homework.
  • Nutrition: Monthly baskets of healthy food products.
  • Health: Emergencies and basic expenses.
  • Family Accompaniment: Visits with personalized attention in the home, two times a week, from the team of psychologists and counselors of JUCONI.
  • School Accompaniment: Visits with personalized attention in schools, once a month, by professional psychologists.
  • Complementary Activities: Art Club, Camps, Vacation Colonies, Sports Club to build the self-esteem and social abilities.


We are conscious of how important it is for you to know exactly how you are contributing to help the life of a child and what advancements are made, and for this reason we offer continuous information regarding the achievements and conditions of the children and their families.